About us


We started in 2004 as a corporate event planner on the other side of the Atlantic. We have organized thousands of corporate meetings, adventure programs, and team building activities in Europe and Asia from our basecamp in Istanbul.

Our company evolved from a meeting and event planner into becoming one of the leaders of the team building and motivation activities industry. Today we are managing not only a great teamwork company but also indoor and outdoor venues for corporate meetings and team-building sessions.

10 years ago, we received an invitation from General Electric which thrilled us to organize their corporate social responsibility & charity team activity in the United States. That event has never been organized, but since then, we have provided services to hundreds of US companies with over 70 team building activities and training programs. Learn more about our services and teamwork programs that can help bring your teams closer together.


In 2017, we have incorporated our US company in New York City to provide a wide variety of team-building activities across the country. We put our customers first, with our passion for the creation of ultimate team experiences and focusing on details and continuous improvement.

Scavenger hunts and Treasure hunts are the all-time flagships of our team building activities. We learned so much from our clients.

Repetition brings perfection!

Over 250 events in a year ensured us to deliver the ultimate experience for the team-building activities and motivation training solutions. Every company we worked for came up with different group sizes, different needs, and requirements. We elevated their team experiences by customizing every scavenger hunt and teamwork session.

Our difference

Our unique technic is not based on simple riddles, crossword puzzles or gathering some specific items. We use ancient cryptology, fun photo/video challenges and interaction with other team members and local people besides some classical problem-solving. This proven technique creates the ultimate team-building experience and differs from a kids’ game or a simple fun activity. Read more about Scavenger hunts and treasure hunts we design.

  • We have a dedicated team creating unique experiences.
  • We are flexible. We design hunts for any group size, location and custom requirements.
  • We guarantee the use of open communication, time management skills, leadership and teamwork through experiential learning.
  • We create memorable experiences whatever the budget is.

Hunt for the best!

Team building in New York City